Hello, it has been a while since we have updated what has been happening within the GDNZ team. 2019 has kicked off with the team being busy and here is a little about our Philippines team.

Preparation started for the team to attend the 22nd Dairy Congress event in the Philippines in March this year. The theme was, "STRENGTHENING PARTNERSHIP FOR SUSTAINABLE DAIRY DEVELOPMENT."

The event was held in a place in, 'Tagatay,' which is 2 hours south of Manila.

The team was invited to present there on the topic of, 'BREEDING FOR PROFIT IN THE TROPICS.'

By attending events like the dairy congress, Genetic Development NZ LTD continues to be part of the growing dairy industry in the Philippines. We love helping people and offering quality products that New Zealand has had proven results with. This gives customers confidence that they are using proven products that has both stood the test of time, and will increase their profit and production within their business.

Our mission is to improve livestock genetics within the Philippines by offering the farmer productive solutions to help them drive more profit and productivity within their business by taking control of their breeding genetics.

GDNZ has access to genetics that carry the, 'Slick Gene'; this helps the animal's heat tolerance:

for dairy cattle; they produce up to 3-4 more liters of milk

for beef cattle they have better growth rates at weaning time, giving the farmer better carcass weights.

New Zealand has proven sires to perform and produce a medium size animal that will make more profit for the farmer.

Team Philippines - 22nd Dairy Congress event held in Tagatay.

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